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Prior to the year 2020, most people were not concerned about whole-house ventilation or never heard of it. Now with natural disasters such as floods, fires, hurricanes, and COVID-19 amongst us, homeowners are thriving to make their indoor air the best it can be.

This is where BEST Techs Contracting Design Build Remodel comes to the rescue. Our new reality in life, means we need better standards to follow.

Now that we spend more time indoors, it would make sense to have a “Healthy Home” which is more important than ever. We all need good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and this is essential for healthy living.

Whole House Ventilation ERV

Perfectly balanced ventilation system

One of the best ways to remove germs, bacteria, pollutants, smells, and moisture from your home is to have an effective whole-house ventilation system installed by a trained and certified Indoor Air Quality Specialist. This (picture at the top right) is providing a balance between outdoor filtered air, and exhausted stale air that is within your home. Watch the video, the Fantech Balanced Whole House Ventilation that Jason made.

Having a perfectly balanced ventilation system is the foundation of a healthy home. Indoor air quality is the number #1 concern of homeowners when it comes to a healthy home. When we increase the ventilation rates of incoming and outgoing air volume into your home, we can help dilute germs, bacteria, pollutants, smells, moisture, and viruses in the air, which helps reduce the infection rates of airborne contaminants and diseases.

Whole House Ventiation Ducting

Help to reduce respiratory problems

If we can help you dilute common indoor toxins such as certain particulate matters, volatile organic compounds, and carbon dioxide in the air you are breathing, then that helps reduce respiratory and other health problems. The picture to the left shows you Supply (Fresh Air) and Exhaust (Stale Air) insulated ducts that are attached to the outdoors to bring in the fresh air, and exhaust out stale air.

BEST Techs Contracting is out there helping homeowners just like you across Southern California by installing Whole House Ventilation Systems that have a balance between outdoor filtered air and indoor exhausted stale air with above Code compliant indoor air quality solutions that provide a safer environment for your family and loved ones.

When we work together to solve these problems, we can make healthy indoor living a reality.

What is in your Air?

What does this mean for you? A home with better comfort, better indoor air quality and a safer, more durable home which uses less energy.

BEST Techs Contracting is a Home Performance General Contractor that specializes in Healthy, Environmentally Friendly homes, utilizing Net Zero Energy and Passive House Standards. 

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