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There are many reasons why individuals choose to add on to their homes. Whether you're looking to grow your family, you need extra storage space, or you've decided to finally build the game room or den you've been dreaming of, a home addition is an affordable and convenient alternative to the arduous task of purchasing a new home. After all, a house is a fully customizable space, so why not take full advantage of that?

Home addition projects can range from something as straightforward as the creation of a new room to the addition of a whole new level to your house, as well as things like the construction of a pool house. Not only do home additions increase the amount of enjoyment you'll get out of your property, it also goes a long way towards boosting the curb appeal and value of the house.

Room Addition Whole House Remodel Modern
Room Addition Remodel Modern

Modern Design Elements

In the photo to the left you will see a Room Addition with a whole house remodel for a client that wanted an update with a modern, Home Performance approach.  With this project BEST Techs Contracting worked with the clients to give them a modern esthetic while also keeping a focus on Home Performance (Energy Efficiency with Healthy Indoor Air Quality) this picture shows the modern appearance with cool colors and native plants, along with recycled products and FSC wood.

The next photo shows more of the exterior with some fun design elements, an example would be the walkway leading up to the front door, this keeps the eye drawn to the front entrance with an updated modern appearance.  The roof tiles are recycled content, the overhang of the roof line is larger for two purposes, one more modern application, and two more shading for indoor comfort.  There is more design application applied to this property than meets the eye.

Bright and Modern Kitchen Design

The last two pictures are of the interior remodel, BEST Techs Contracting gave the back side of the house added room with the addition of the dining room, hallway and extra room. Keeping the room light in color and open kitchen family room (Great Room) gives this once smaller sized home much needed extra space for a young growing family!

Room Addition Interior Remodel Modern
Room Addition Kitchen Modern

Whether you're in the market for an addition made to your existing home, or are looking to add a separate cottage, shed or storage area on your property, the professionals at BEST Techs Contracting can help you out. As a full-service home addition company, when our work is done, you will have more than just the shell, you will have a fully functional space that is ready for move-in!

What does this mean for you? A home with better comfort, better indoor air quality and a safer, more durable home which uses less energy.

BEST Techs Contracting is a Home Performance General Contractor that specializes in Healthy, Environmentally Friendly homes, utilizing Net Zero Energy and Passive House Standards. 

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