Great place to live and work

Cypress is a great place to live and work. Most of our clients are original homeowners that just want to update their homes.  We have had nothing but great experiences in Cypress, the city planning department is so easy and convenient to work with and the clients know what they want before we even start the work. This city is full of lovely residential streets, large open parks, great school district and a large Navy Gold Course open to the public, Cypress has it all.

Learn more by visiting the City of Cypress website here.

Cypress Family Room Remodel
Cypress Living Room

Beautiful and Bright designs

BEST Techs Contracting is a local residential remodel contractor that would enjoy the opportunity to help you with your home improvements.  We focus on Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Whole Home Remodeling, Additions, Attic Remodeling, and High-Performance Heating and Air Conditioning Systems.

The picture on top and the one on the left shows a beautiful remodel. This particular client wanted a little more room than the house allowed for, so we opened up the back of the house to make room for the eat-in kitchen banquet. The first photo at the top shows the remodel to include new windows throughout, recessed lighting, and built-in bookcases surrounding the fireplace.  Of course, new furniture always looks nice.

Open kitchen design

The photo to the right is the opposite side of the top photo, looking into the kitchen and banquet area.  You can see how wide open this room feels, now the cook can be part of the gathering, they no longer have to feel like they are missing out.

The following images are of the Kitchen Remodeling to consider for your Seal Beach home.  

The photo to the right features the Kitchen with a large built-in refrigerator and island. This kitchen allowed enough room for all the appliances the homeowner requested, we had to make sure the design was correct before any construction started.  Keeping the cabinets all white makes the space feel large, we also treated the island differently with a darker color, it ties in nicely with the dark counter in the back.

Cypress Kitchen Remodel
Cypress Dining Room

Bright spaces with natural light

This picture shows the dine-in banquet room, this is where we added square footage.  A small room to add to the overall house, but as you can see well worth the extra work.  This room makes you feel like you are on a sun porch with all the natural light coming from the new dual pane windows.  The built-in banquet gives us the most seating, tucked away in a corner is perfect for the location.  This is our homeowner's favorite place to eat, no more eating in front of the T.V., now they watch nature.

And we leave you with considering the exterior remodeling.

New England Style Cottage

This picture shows the exterior of this recently remodeled home, the owners like to call it a New England Style Cottage.  I happen to agree, the home is charming, and I can definitely see this home off of the coast of New England.  From the grayscale color to the natural stone veneer with the shiplap siding and round windows placed in just the right placements, this home has wonderful charm.

Cypress Exterior

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