Couple with a fan

The Summer Heat is only getting more intense, how to keep your family comfortable.

Heat pumps are generally considered to be very energy efficient for both heating and cooling ...
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Energy Efficient House

Energy Upgrades that can save you money!

Major investments in home energy upgrades such as a new Heat Pump HVAC system, or ...
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HP Outdoor Unit

What is a Heat Pump HVAC system?

A heat pump heating and cooling system is a type of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and ...
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Why is Insulation so important

Why is Insulation so important

Properly installed insulation in every home is crucial for several reasons: Air Sealing: Air sealing ...
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Do you want a Better Built Building but don’t know how

Overall, working with a Passive House contractor as your construction consultant ensures that your residential ...
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Remodeled House Door Entrance

Incorporating Green Home Building Ideas

If you are planning to remodel or build a new home, here are some green ...
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Remodeling a Home

Helpful Info for Homeowners: #1 Owner-Builders

Know your responsibilities as an Owner-Builder. Sometimes you have the knowledge and/or experience and want ...
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Our Story

What comes first, Husband and Wife, or Business Partners? Jason loves to tell our story, ...
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Construction Process

Special Projects Division (Handyman)

Are you looking for a reliable licensed Contractor to fix those odds and ends around ...
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Fancy Home Entrance

Design the Entrance to Keep Contaminants Out: What is a Vestibule?

A vestibule is a small foyer leading into a larger space, designed with the purpose ...
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Fancy Home

Questions That Need Answers: How to Talk to Your Contractor

Residential Construction can be Overwhelming. This is a series of helpful information to help you ...
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Beautiful White Home

What is an ADU? Is it Right for You?

An ADU is an Accessory Dwelling Unit with complete independent living facilities for one or ...
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What’s in a Name – B.E.S.T. Techs Contracting

No, we didn't name the company B.E.S.T. because we thought "we are the Best" even ...
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Beautiful Home

Why Choose a Design | Build Contractor?

If you're contemplating a significant remodel or embarking on the journey of building your dream ...
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Beautiful House Remodeled

We are not your Average General Contractors and here’s why…

Home Performance General Contractors Specializing in Healthy, Environmentally Friendly Homes Utilizing Net Zero Energy and ...
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Guesstimates vs. Contracts

A handshake used to be enough In the world of residential construction, you might want ...
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Remodeling a 100 Year Old Home’s Bathroom with Hexagon Tiles and Claw Foot Tub

Remodeling an old historical bathroom can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with a ...
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BEST Techs Contracting
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