High-Performance HVAC

Some Choices and Considerations

When it comes to HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) we all want it, but few know exactly what they need, so we depend on the experts to tell us the best choice for our budget. I would like to start by telling you there are choices to be made with the budget in mind and consideration for the home you are about to upgrade. Once you have decided on the right contractor, they will most likely propose the Insulation, Ductwork, and HVAC at the same time. Remember that you can do this in stages if the budget does not allow for everything to be done at one time.  Let us go over some of the choices you have when it comes to HVAC.

High Performance HVAC Sealed Furnace

In the above photo you will see a sealed condensing unit that is located in the attic. This is vented to the outside through the roof. This unit is the right choice for this home for one particularly important reason, BEST Techs Contracting insulated the entire roof rafters and air sealed. That means that the attic is in a conditioned space (part of the whole home). We want to use an HVAC system that is sealed and vents harmful exhaust gases outside, as not to harm the occupants. This unit is natural gas, 97% energy efficient, and will require little energy to run it.

A great choice for HVAC

The next two photos are a different kind of HVAC altogether, you may have heard of an Electric Heat Pump, Mini-Split, or Ductless system. The picture to the left is the unit's outside condensing motor that runs the wall mount systems located in each room of the home. They can run independently from each other; this is a great option if you want one room cooler than the other. There is also a handheld remote to control each unit. These HVAC units require no traditional ductwork running through your attic. Instead, they use a small condensing line that uses refrigerant, similar to what your refrigerator uses.  A great choice for HVAC and is used widely across the world.

High Performance HVAC Mini Split Unit
High Performance HVAC Mini Split Cassette.

Testing your home is the key

These last two photos show technicians implementing Home Performance Testing: The Whole House Leakage (Blower Door) and HVAC Duct Leakage tests.

Testing your home is key to deciding the right HVAC system you will need after the initial (Test-In) is complete.  We will test first before we give you suggestions on the install, test during the install (Quality Control) to correct any mistakes as we are working. Then we (Test-Out) after all the installs have been performed. This will show the (End-Results) that you can expect from your new HVAC, Air Sealing, Insulation, and Ductwork. 

High Performance HVAC Blower Door Test
High Performance HVAC Duct Testing

What does this mean for you? A home with better comfort, better indoor air quality and a safer, more durable home which uses less energy.

BEST Techs Contracting is a Home Performance General Contractor that specializes in Healthy, Environmentally Friendly homes, utilizing Net Zero Energy and Passive House Standards. 

BEST Techs Contracting
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