Green Building

Interested in remodeling or wondering about how you’re going to build your new home? If you’re looking for a home that is done right, is comfortable, energy efficient and sustainable, BEST Techs Contracting can help you achieve the remodel or new home of your dreams.

Green Building Principles

Green building construction recognizes the influence that building design has on the surrounding environment as well as the building’s occupants. By constructing homes in a way that reduces their negative effects and increases their positive impact, BEST-Techs Contracting applies green building principles to every new construction project our team undertakes. We have, for example, designed homes using sustainable wood and local concrete to reduce the manufacturing impact and transportation emissions. We also aim to use recycled or no VOC materials whenever possible, particularly on floors and counters. BEST Techs Contacting also uses densely-packed insulation for a tight building envelope which ensures better Indoor Air Quality, designed and tested high-efficiency HVAC systems, and water saving features to guarantee occupant comfort, health and safety along with lowering utility bills.

Net Zero Energy and Renewable Energy Options

For homeowners concerned with the continued impact of their home’s carbon footprint, we also build to California Net Zero Energy (NZE) specifications which allows a home to produce at least as much energy as it uses. This involves incorporating renewable energy solutions like solar photovoltaic systems, solar thermal, and possible wind energy. In addition to preserving the environment, you will be able to have minimal or no energy bills, giving you peace of mind and savings.

Green Homes in Los Angeles & Orange County

We have worked on green building projects throughout the region from Laguna Hills to Santa Barbara. Our BEST-Techs Contracting team of professionals has your best interest in mind, so start envisioning life in a comfortable, energy efficient and environmentally-friendly home.

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