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High Performance Attic Insulation

Although some may think that homes in Southern California don’t require much insulation due to the warm climate, it’s actually a key component of keeping your home comfortable and energy efficient year-round. Insulation is important in keeping the heat out during the hot weather and the heat in during the colder months.

Attic Insulation at Roof Rafters

The Importance Of Attic Insulation

Due to the stack effect, or the movement of air in and out of a home because of its density, attics that aren’t properly insulated can allow a lot of heat into and out of your home. Without insulation, heat passes through your attic easily. On hot days, as the temperature in your attic rises, heat moves into your living space. In under-insulated homes during cooler nights in the winter, your home’s heated indoor air rises and escapes out through your attic and roof. Insulation slows the transfer of heat. Attic insulation that has a high R-value, or thermal resistance, is more effective in keeping your home at the right temperature.

Attic Insulation with Cellulose

The right amount of insulation

In the first photo, you will see a vaulted ceiling with new skylights, we had to add a Rigid Foam Board to insulate the ceiling while keeping the vault, in this scenario, there is very little room for insulation as a result most vaulted ceilings have no insulation.  To solve this problem, BEST Techs Contracting added the rigid foam board, this type of insulation will add the right amount of insulation to stop the air transfer.

This photo is the attic of traditional-style roof rafters on a single-story home. In this project, BEST Techs Contracting moved the insulation from the floor of the attic to the roof rafters, with blown-in batts. This system is done by hanging netting and then cutting holes to insert the hose and fill the cavity with blown-in cellulose to an R-44 value. This is one of the best applications possible, we enclose the attic into conditioned space and therefore the HVAC ducts do not have to fight the excessive heat in the attic. The heat is stopped at the roof rafters, thereby making it easier for your HVAC system to deliver cool/heated air when called on by your thermostat.  This will save you money and keep your home cooler/heated for a longer period of time and faster delivery of airflow.

Denim insulation

Finally, the photo to the right is a great demonstration of denim insulation in the interior walls for sound control. This is a recycled product with great sound deadening benefits. There is no netting required to hang this insulation, the denim is rolled out just like batt insulation and installed into the bays between the studs.  Once the drywall is hung the quality of noise is greatly reduced.  What a wonderful use of old denim!

BEST Techs Contracting insulation services can help you achieve a comfortable, energy-efficient home which saves you money on energy costs. With our blown-in cellulose, rigid foam board or recycled denim insulation your whole home can be insulated to guarantee it’s just how you want it all year long. BEST Techs Contracting specialists will ensure your home’s insulation is installed quickly and properly, giving you a comfortable temperature-regulated home for years to come.

attic insulation with denim

What does this mean for you? A home with better comfort, better indoor air quality and a safer, more durable home which uses less energy.

BEST Techs Contracting is a Home Performance General Contractor that specializes in Healthy, Environmentally Friendly homes, utilizing Net Zero Energy and Passive House Standards. 

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