A self-funding project with “Deep Energy Retrofits”

These are not small projects. To achieve monthly savings in heating and cooling costs large enough to make the project “Self-Funding”, a home performance retrofit project will typically cost anywhere between $35,000 - $150,000, or more, depending on location, age, and size of your home.

Don’t get us wrong – You can piecemeal, or do your project in phases, as long as you follow the steps. But greater savings and results are achieved when the scope of work is done at the same time, and costs less in the long run, which is why we call it a “Deep Energy Retrofit.”

It usually replaces the entire heating and cooling system, including new duct work. The new heating and cooling equipment will be less than half the size of the current equipment. The new air distribution system will be smaller, simpler and air-tight. The HVAC system’s air flow will be balanced per each room (with no pressure interference, which allows the air to flow freely), refrigerant charge and the air flows will be tested, measured and set, to be within 10% of Manufacture Specifications.

The project will seal the complex construction assembly which separates the exterior of the home from the attic and/or crawlspace, so that conditioned air cannot escape into those areas. Then towards the end of the project, BST-Techs will add insulation in the attic, burying the new sealed and insulated ducts so that heating or cooling capacity is no longer lost to the unconditioned spaces.

Measured Building Performance projects also usually include replacing the home’s water heater, pool pumps (if applicable), and any lighting fixtures to LED fixtures which penetrate the attic ceiling. Typical projects also upgrade the bathroom exhaust fans to near-silent units and provide a system which provides the home with filtered air for ventilation.

Those are the usual hardware components of a project. If this sounds like a big, complicated project – it is. But the most important difference between individual component replacements and a home performance retrofit is that all of the critical energy features are redesigned and installed together, as an integrated system that has been tested, measured and proven!

The resulting home energy system is not only carefully engineered; it’s also measured in its critical aspects as it is being installed – by the certified technicians, with building science equipment and diagnostic tools that are specifically made for that trade equipment. BEST-Techs technicians’ final “Test – Out” reports are an absolute essential part of the project. These measured results provide certainty that the building envelope and the HVAC components will work as a highly comfortable and energy efficient system. As in sharp contract to the historically disappointing results of the traditional piecemeal approach to building houses and what most other remodeling contractors do – which is meet bare minimum code requirements, which equals a (D-).